BoxGuard Package Delivery Storage Box

Model # 88333GCG1E

Light Gray
  • Secure - Prevents porch theft with option to lock
  • Versatile - Optional "Deliveries" sign makes it the best place for package delivery or for outdoor storage
  • Complimentary Color - Dark gray roof and light gray siding compliment a wide range og home exteriors
  • 45 gallon storage capacity with a limited 1 year warranty
  • Exterior - 18"W x 31"H x 19.5"D
  • MSRP: $99.99
  • Usage Grade: Residential
  • Usage: Outdoor
  • Warranty Details: 1 Year Limited
  • Weight Capacity : 100 lbs
BoxGuard is the solution to an emerging problem of stolen packages. With the sturdy, lockable, and sizeable BoxGuard, packages will be out of sight of porch pirates, curious neighbors, and stray pets. Bold “Deliveries” sign clearly communicates purpose to mail carrier. Prevent the emotional distress , financial loss of replacement, and lost time associated with porch theft. BoxGuard is also used for outdoor storage solutions in your backyard- a wide range of outdoor items and garden supplies will comfortably fit. An interchangeable blank frame piece can be used instead of “Deliveries” sign when BoxGuard is used for general storage. The angled roof and weather-resistant materials are practical and will keep the contents dry throughout the seasons. A shingled roof and stylish wood grain texture compliment most home exteriors. Hinge can hold lid open without assistance. The extra-large BoxGuard interior volume of 6.3 cubic feet (18” W x 19.5” D x 31” H) is designed to hold multiple large packages or storage items. The light gray siding with darker gray roof will compliment many settings. The new BoxGuard is your solution for deliveries and other practical storage solutions for outdoor living. COSCO Outdoor Living, a brand of COSCO Products®, offers space saving folding groups to roomy conversation and dining sets, designed to meet all your outdoor patio needs. Our collections help create your own outdoor lounging spaces or cozy living areas on your patio or deck. Our outdoor products are designed with form and function in mind to help you create the outdoor space you dream of. Design aspects for COSCO Outdoor Living products include innovation, style, and elegance to suit any customer’s home décor or design motif. Manufactured with durable, weather-resistant materials, our furniture is built to last and to impress. We offer different color options on multiple sets, making it easy to fit your personal taste.
Height33.25 "
Width20.5 "
Depth22 "
Weight13.35 lbs