Make sure your ladder has been set up properly and is being used according to all instructions and warnings.

Keep your body between the rails of the ladder. Work with one hand while holding the ladder with the other.

Always maintain your balance. Do not push or pull on anything. This may cause the ladder to tip or you may lose your balance.

If the ladder is too heavy for you, seek another’s help. It is better to have one person hold the ladder while you work.

Always face the ladder and maintain a firm grip while you climb.

Set one foot firmly, one step at a time when climbing.

Use a line to haul items up instead of carrying them while you climb.

Read and follow all labels and instructions before using ladder.


For a stepladder, don’t stand above the 2nd step from the top. For an extension ladder, don’t stand above the 4th step from the top.

Don’t climb a stepladder that is closed.

Don’t climb the back of a stepladder.

Don’t stand on any surface other than the steps including tray or ladder top.

Don’t climb if you are not prepared mentally or physically for the task.

Don’t exceed the maximum load capacity or Duty Rating of the ladder. Remember this includes anything you might carry.

Don’t allow more than one person on an extension ladder.

Don’t set the bottom of an extension ladder too close to the wall as it could tip backwards.

Don’t set the bottom of an extension ladder too far away from the wall. Place the ladder at a 75 1/2-degree angle.

Don’t over-extend or reach too far while on the ladder. Reposition the ladder from the ground to continue your work.